Going Mental: How Borderlines and Narcissists Abuse Facebook and Other Social Media

It’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago, most people didn’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts. In a very short time, social media has had a tremendous impact on individuals, communities and nations. I mean, what did stay-at-home moms do before Facebook? Social media can be benign, for instance, helping family and friends stay […]

Going Mental: Does Your Teenager Treat You Like Your Crazy Ex Did?

When most of us think of parental alienation, we think of the removal of children from the lives of their fathers, of kids being brainwashed into thinking ill of dad, to disrespect and devalue him, and being slowly poisoned into emotional distance and even hatred. All of this is true. However, one of the things about parental […]

In His Own Words: A BPD Mom and a Recently Divorced Custody Evaluator Walk into a Courtroom . . .

It’s day 6 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Today’s In His Own Words features “Thom” — yet another father and child casualty of the family court meat grinder. Thom could no longer take his Borderline Personality Disordered wife’s abuse and filed for divorce. Even though Thom had overwhelming evidence proving he is the better parent […]