Going Mental: Say Goodbye to Crazy

Want to learn how to say goodbye to Crazy whether it’s your current partner, an ex, a friend or a family member? Would you like to attain some measure peace from the non-stop sturm and drang of an emotional terrorist who takes pleasure in making your life as miserable as hers?Find out how on the next […]

Going Mental: What Makes Borderlines and Narcissists Tick

Ever wonder why your borderline or narcissistic wife, girlfriend or ex acts the way she does? Does it seem like she exists in a parallel universe where everything is the opposite, say from objective, verifiable reality? Would you like to know for once and for all what puts the cray in cray-cray? Then please join Paul Elam […]

Going Mental: Using the 5 Fears of Borderlines and Narcissists to Get Rid of Them

Going Mental is back, and we’ll get into the fine tuning of dealing with Crazy. By Crazy, of course we mean personality disordered basilisks who can put more chaos into your personal life than a battalion of blind drunk soccer hooligans. There are 5 basic fears common to these life-wreckers. If you know what those […]