How to Get Out and Stay Out Once You Realize You Are in a Relationship with Crazy

Here’s another superb article written by CrazyBuster, LiliM: This article was inspired by some of the callers I’ve heard on Dr. Tara’s Shrink4Men Radio show. After listening to the first four episodes, I’ve noticed a theme with some of the men who get sucked into the madness of the high-conflict (HCP)/personality disordered/Crazy partner. Just like […]

Man Awarded $852,000 in Civil Court After Ex-Wife Falsely Accuses Him of Sexual Abuse

False allegations and baseless restraining orders are known to be common tactics used by high-conflict women and men (primarily women) and negative advocate attorneys to gain an advantage in divorce and custody cases. It happens. We know it happens. And we know that most false accusers are rarely prosecuted for this criminal offense. In March […]

Judge Diane E. Gibbons Orders Shut Down: What Would You Do? (PEW), like Shrink4Men, is another resource for people trying to cope with high-conflict and/or abusive personality disordered exes and partners. At least, it used to be. In early June 2011, family court Judge Diane E. Gibbons of Bucks County, Pennsylvania ordered the owner of PEW to shut the site down. The owner of the […]