False Allegations in Divorce and Custody Battles: The Personality Types of False Accusers and the Falsely Accused

The following article is from the August 23, 2011 AVfM Radio program on the criminal practice of making false allegations of abuse in order to gain the upper hand in divorce and custody battles. The radio version was edited down due to time constraints. Here’s everything I wrote for the show in its entirety: Too […]

How to Navigate Divorce with a High-Conflict Ex When Children Are Involved: Don’t Let your Well-Founded Fears Be Used Against You!

The following article is written by another CrazyBuster veteran: LiliM. Like Micksbabe and Peppy, LiliM also married a man with a high-conflict ex and alienated children. In her first Shrink4Men article, LiliM offers suggestions on how to navigate the divorce process with a high-conflict ex when children are involved based on her and her husband’s […]

Ex-Girlfriend Tracy West Makes False Rape Allegations Against Her Son’s Father to Gain Sole Custody and the State of California Refuses to Prosecute Her

“Could this be happening? A man’s nightmare made real. Louis Gonzalez III stood accused of unspeakable acts: kidnapping, torture, sexual assault. If convicted, he faced life behind bars.” This is the kind of story that makes my blood boil. On February 1, 2008, Tracy West of Simi Valley, California staged a physical and sexual assault […]