Going Mental: Strippers, Prostitutes, Sugarbabies, Porn Actors, Other Gold Diggers and Why You Shouldn’t Date Them

It should be obvious that entrusting your heart (and wallet) to a woman (or man) who gets paid to have sex and paid to fake love, affection, sexual attraction or orgasms is both unwise and a highly risky gamble, that is if you want a monogamous, stable relationship based on love and not a series of transactions. Given […]

Going Mental: What Part of Borderlines Can Be Dangerous Do You Not Understand?

Believe it or not, we actually get messages from men seeking support from shrink4men.com and avoiceformen.com that run something along the lines of, “Hey, she slashed my tires, had sex with my nephew and cleaned out my bank account. Should I consider getting out of this relationship?” In fact, many of the men seeking assistance […]

Going Mental: Borderline Personality Disorder Enablers and Apologists

There are therapists who specialize in treating individuals with characterological disorders who are realistic about the prognosis and, depending on the severity of the case and commitment to change, can help an individual with these problems, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, develop better impulse control, reality testing and how to consider other’s feelings and needs […]