Shrink4Men Radio Embed: Female Stalkers and Their Male and Female Victims

Thank you to everyone who listened to it live. Thank you also to uburoi, Mark, and Gail for calling in to the program to share your experiences. Shrink4Men Radio will air again next week, Monday, November 14, 2011 at 9pm EST. The topic will be, The Day the Mask Slipped. I’m interested in hearing from […]

Shrink4Men Radio Monday, November 7, 2011: Female Stalkers and Their Male and Female Victims

Does your wife, girlfriend or ex regularly blow up your phone with needy, hostile, delusional and menacing texts, emails and voicemails? Does your ex or a woman in whom you have no romantic interest “accidentally” turn up whenever you go out? Are you being stalked by your ex, your girlfriend, wife or a woman you […]

Investigation Discovery Channel’s Stalked: Looking for Men Who Have Been Targeted by Female Stalkers

Hello Everyone, Last week I received an email from David Burch, associate producer of Investigation Discovery’s Stalked. For the new season, they want to include at least one episode that features male targets of female stalkers. Many of you have shared your experiences about being stalked by your girlfriends/wives/exes here at Shrink4Men, which is how […]