A View from the Outside: How Healthy Loved Ones See your Abusive Relationship with a High-Conflict and/or Personality Disordered Partner

Here’s the latest from CrazyBuster, Micksbabe . . . If you’re in an abusive relationship with a high-conflict and/or personality disordered individual, you’re probably very aware of what your situation looks like from the inside — constant chaos, blame, fighting, projection, and gaslighting, possibly even shame. Have you ever wondered what your situation looks like […]

A Different Look at Men’s Violence: How to Slap Your Way to Slavery

The following article is written by Paul Elam of AVoiceforMen and is republished here with his permission. It offers an alternate perspective on “male violence,” and by alternate, I mean a more nuanced and complex understanding of male perpetrated domestic violence beyond, “Man = Abuser; Woman = Innocent Victim.” To see the original post and […]

Male Anger and Other Emotions, Part Two

This is the follow-up article to Male Anger and Other Emotions, Part One and is a modified transcript to the Shrink4Men Radio program, Making Friends with Your Anger. Male Anger Anger is not a bad emotion. It’s just an emotion like any other emotion. Feelings are signals that we’re experiencing something. Anger typically tells us, […]