Wouldn’t It Be Great if High-Conflict People and Abusive Personality Disordered Individuals Came with Warning Labels?

A gentleman sent a link to the cartoon below and it got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if high-conflict people (HCPs) and abusive personality disordered individuals (PDIs) came with warning labels? What kinds of warning label symptoms and side effects should your abusive, high-conflict and/or personality disordered wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend or ex had […]

Rethinking Female Sociopathy, Part Two

In Rethinking Female Sociopathy, Part One, I went through a comprehensive list of sociopathic traits based on psychologists Hervey Cleckley’s and Robert Hare’s psychopathy checklists. For every single item mentioned, I can think of a real life example that every one of my clients has suffered. Are these men’s wives, girlfriends and exes sociopaths? Maybe, […]

Shrink4Men Radio Embed: Female Stalkers and Their Male and Female Victims

Thank you to everyone who listened to it live. Thank you also to uburoi, Mark, and Gail for calling in to the program to share your experiences. Shrink4Men Radio will air again next week, Monday, November 14, 2011 at 9pm EST. The topic will be, The Day the Mask Slipped. I’m interested in hearing from […]