Our So-Called Rape Culture

The following article includes unpublished excerpts from my interview with HuffingtonPost columnist Vicki Larson for her article, Are Men Society’s Scapegoats? Ms Larson’s article was published soon after Nafissatou Diallo was found to be an uncredible witness regarding the rape allegations she made against Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The New York DA has since dismissed the charges […]

Are Women Who Make False Allegations of Abuse Against Their Husbands More Likely to Murder Their Children? Kelli Lynn Murphy Murders Her Children Rather Than Share Custody with the Father

Kelli Lynn Murphy, 41, of Castle Rock, Colorado was arrested for the double homicide of her children Madigan, 6, and Liam, 9, early Monday morning, May 23, 2011. Ms Murphy called 911 for help after cutting her wrists in a botched suicide attempt after killing her children. When asked by the 911 operator if there […]