Male Anger and Other Emotions, Part Two

This is the follow-up article to Male Anger and Other Emotions, Part One and is a modified transcript to the Shrink4Men Radio program, Making Friends with Your Anger. Male Anger Anger is not a bad emotion. It’s just an emotion like any other emotion. Feelings are signals that we’re experiencing something. Anger typically tells us, […]

Male Anger and Other Emotions, Part One

How many times have you heard some woman or man parrot the old chestnut: “Men aren’t good at expressing emotions. Men don’t have feelings.” This is utter nonsense. Nonsense. Men have emotions. They have plenty of emotions — even if they appear numb and shut down — there are still lots of emotions underneath the […]

Listen to Shrink4Men Radio Embed: Making Friends with your Anger

Here’s the embed of Shrink4Men Radio discussing Making Friend’s with your Anger with Dr Tara J. Palmatier and her guest Paul Elam of AVoiceforMen. We ran the show over by a half hour to accommodate all the callers. Thank you very much to everyone who called in or listened live and to all of you […]