Hoovers: Don’t Let the Crazy Suck You Back In

On the Shrink4Men Forum, there are several gentlemen in the process of ending relationships with abusive wives and girlfriends. Predictably, this has triggered their partners’ abandonment fears and control issues. Oftentimes, when an abusive personality senses they are losing their target/victim or that their target/victim is pulling away, they will make efforts to re-secure their […]

Judge Diane E. Gibbons Orders ThePsychoExWife.com Shut Down: What Would You Do?

ThePsychoExWife.com (PEW), like Shrink4Men, is another resource for people trying to cope with high-conflict and/or abusive personality disordered exes and partners. At least, it used to be. In early June 2011, family court Judge Diane E. Gibbons of Bucks County, Pennsylvania ordered the owner of PEW to shut the site down. The owner of the […]

Family Court Minefields: Dirty Tricks Used by High-Conflict People in Custody Disputes and Parallel Parenting, Part 1

This is the first part of a series of articles dealing with common dirty tricks that high-conflict people (HCP) and abusive personality disordered individuals (APDI) commonly play in family court. In Part 1, we will take look at the ways in which these women abuse OurFamilyWizard as a way of drawing you into further conflict […]