Going Mental: She Might Be a Crazy Bitch If . . . Red Flags!

Forewarned is forearmed and, when it comes to Crazy, ignoring the warning signs is not only foolish, it is potentially hazardous to your emotional and physical health. Sometimes you can see Crazy coming a mile away. Sometimes the Crazy is so overt you can see the red flags waving from outer space. In fact, sometimes […]

Going Mental: Borderline Personality Disorder Enablers and Apologists

There are therapists who specialize in treating individuals with characterological disorders who are realistic about the prognosis and, depending on the severity of the case and commitment to change, can help an individual with these problems, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, develop better impulse control, reality testing and how to consider other’s feelings and needs […]

In His Own Words: FUBAR

It’s day 29 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month for men and boys, the invisible victims of domestic violence. “Christopher” is married to an abusive alcoholic woman whom he suspects has borderline personality disorder. Christopher, my advice to you is stop trying to protect and help her, and focus on protecting and helping yourself instead. Otherwise, […]