In His or Her Own Words: Request for Men’s and Women’s Experiences with Female Perpetrated Domestic Violence

October is almost here and that means it’s Domestic Violence month. Since most women’s domestic violence organizations not only conveniently neglect to include men who are targets of intimate partner violence, but also deliberately misinform the public about the true nature of DV, Shrink4Men and AVoiceForMen will join forces once again to shed light on […]

Going Mental: Domestic Violence Against Men

Since the Ray and Janay Rice reciprocal domestic violence incident is currently being rehashed again by the mainstream media and outrage addicts (comprised of clickbait journalists, feminists, social justice warriors, white knights and sheeple) are in an outrage-gasm, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the other half of domestic violence victims. Men. What […]

Going Mental: More Dating Red Flags for Men with Terrence Popp

Forewarned is forearmed and, when it comes to Crazy, ignoring the warning signs is not only foolish, it is potentially hazardous to your emotional and physical health. Sometimes you can see Crazy coming a mile away. Sometimes the Crazy is so overt you can see the red flags waving from outer space. In fact, sometimes […]