Going Mental: Strippers, Prostitutes, Sugarbabies, Porn Actors, Other Gold Diggers and Why You Shouldn’t Date Them

It should be obvious that entrusting your heart (and wallet) to a woman (or man) who gets paid to have sex and paid to fake love, affection, sexual attraction or orgasms is both unwise and a highly risky gamble, that is if you want a monogamous, stable relationship based on love and not a series of transactions. Given […]

Going Mental: She Might Be a Crazy Bitch If . . . Red Flags!

Forewarned is forearmed and, when it comes to Crazy, ignoring the warning signs is not only foolish, it is potentially hazardous to your emotional and physical health. Sometimes you can see Crazy coming a mile away. Sometimes the Crazy is so overt you can see the red flags waving from outer space. In fact, sometimes […]

Oops! A BPD Did It Again! Another Post-Break Up Pregnancy to Trap a Man

Calling all Shrink4Men community members! There is a young man in need of an intervention. Earlier this morning, a 24-year old man, “Eric,” left the following comment on the original Shrink4Men blog article, What Can I Do to Protect My Unborn Child from my BPD/NPD Ex-Girlfriend: I find myself in almost the exact same circumstances […]