In His Own Words: Scenes from an Abusive Marriage

It is day 5 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Verbal, a longtime member of the Shrink4MenForum, shares vignettes from his marriage to an emotionally and physically abusive monster — his wife. I have been married to my wife, whom I shall refer to here as The Crazy Lady (TCL), since 1995. She presents many of […]

In Her Own Words: My Mother Abused My Father and Me

It is Day 4 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. “Marian” shares her story of horrific abuse at the hands of her mother. Marian wasn’t her mother’s only victim. Her mother also brutalized her father. If I could draw my mother on a paper, would I split her into two people. One would be happy, joyful, […]

In His Own Words: Deception and Heartbreak

It is Day 3 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Today’s submission comes by way of Andybob an AVoiceForMen contributor. The following is a letter that was written by an Australian man for whom I, Andybob, have had the utmost respect throughout the three decades of our friendship. He is an intelligent and responsible man who […]