Dr Tara J. Palmatier provides confidential, fee-for-service, individual consultation/coaching via telephone and/or Skype to both men and women. Dr Tara works with both men and women who have been in relationships with abusive and potentially personality disordered women. She also works with friends and family members who have suffered collateral damage and loss as a result of a loved one becoming involved with a controlling, abusive partner.

Dr Tara’s practice combines practical advice, problem-solving, support, reality testing and goal-oriented outcomes.

Typical sessions focus on:

  • Exploring and identifying personality disordered behaviors and traits in your partner, family members, colleagues and friends.
  • Validation that perhaps you’re not “the crazy one” or that it’s not “all in your head” after all.
  • Understanding the dynamics of personality disorders and other maladaptive behaviors and how they affect intimate relationships.
  • Understanding the dynamics of abuse.
  • Understanding and dismantling your buttons, by which your partner manipulates, controls and abuses you.
  • Understanding your family and childhood experiences that make you susceptible to abusive individuals and bullies.
  • Developing strategies and coping skills such as detachment and boundary setting if your relationship is ongoing.
  • Exploring the option of divorce and developing strategies to navigate the family law system.
  • Developing strategies and coping skills such as detachment and boundary setting post-break-up or post-divorce.
  • Dealing with affects of parental alienation.
  • Instituting and maintaining a No Contact policy.
  • Mourning the loss of the relationship and letting go.
  • Learning to recognize the warning signs of potentially abusive and/or personality disordered women and men.
  • Learning how to avoid the traps set by emotional predators and bullies.
  • Support for family members who have lost their son, brother, nephew, cousin, father or grandson to an abusive partner who has isolated him and cut off contact with him and his children (if applicable).
  • Support and strategies for girlfriends and wives of men whose former partners were abusive and/or personality disordered and step-parenting issues.

This list is by no means exhaustive. At this time, payment is accepted via PayPal.  Please contact Dr Tara at the following email address if you’re interested in working with her, for rates and other information:

*Unfortunately, Dr Tara does not accept insurance at this time nor does she work with the abusive partners or personality disordered individuals, diagnosed or undiagnosed.