In His Own Words: Father Screwed Over in Bahrain Family Court by Abusive Wife

It’s day 16 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. “Rob” tells his story of physical, emotional and financial abuse and the Bahrain kangaroo family court. My abuser was my wife and it went on for a period of about seven years of marriage and the subsequent separation. The abuse I received falls into four out of five […]

In His Own Words: Abused Men Who Suffer in Silence

It’s day 15 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Alan shares his story of abuse by his Borderline Personality Disordered ex-wife and the Family Court. I have suffered in silence. Dr.  T, I am writing this down for you because I can’t remain silent and be able to move on from the hell that was my […]

In Her Own Words: I Lost My Brother to His Abusive Wife, Part II

It’s day 14 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. “LostMyBro” continues her story from yesterday. While Katie was sicking her fashion police on me, my brother started making some off the wall demands of my mom. He told her she needed to kick in money for the wedding and chase down Katie’s “irresponsible friends” (who we’d never met) […]