SGTC Episode 3: Facebook Golden Uterus Mom Memes

Some Facebook mom memes are sweet and some are self-deprecating and silly. Some are clever. Some express the universal joys and frustrations of being a mother. Then there are mom memes that, if you aren’t both a mother and a raging narcissist/emotional cripple, make you want to throw up in your mouth a little while rolling […]

Going Mental: Strippers, Prostitutes, Sugarbabies, Porn Actors, Other Gold Diggers and Why You Shouldn’t Date Them

It should be obvious that entrusting your heart (and wallet) to a woman (or man) who gets paid to have sex and paid to fake love, affection, sexual attraction or orgasms is both unwise and a highly risky gamble, that is if you want a monogamous, stable relationship based on love and not a series of transactions. Given […]

Going Mental: Addicted to a Borderline

But I love her! I know I should leave her, but I’m afraid she won’t be able to survive without me. I just want to help her. She can’t help it, she had such a bad childhood. Yes, she’s abusing the children and me, but there’s just got to be a way to get through […]