In His Own Words: Men Can’t Be Abused, Can They?

It is day 2 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Today’s In His Own Words is an emancipation proclamation of sorts. “JC’s” experiences are an illustration of how some men can be blind to the often egregious abuse they suffer. If a man had chucked a coffee mug at a woman’s head, there would be no doubt such behavior is abusive. Because […]

Going Mental with Dr Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam: Recognizing Dating Red Flags

Many men are able to avoid becoming involved with unstable, entitled, abusive, empathically challenged, manipulative, emotionally immature, personality disordered and/or sociopathic women. Perhaps they had loving parents who taught the to respect and love themselves enough not to be tempted by the siren song of Crazy. However, there are many men who are less fortunate. […]