Going Mental: Using the 5 Fears of Borderlines and Narcissists to Get Rid of Them

Going Mental is back, and we’ll get into the fine tuning of dealing with Crazy. By Crazy, of course we mean personality disordered basilisks who can put more chaos into your personal life than a battalion of blind drunk soccer hooligans. There are 5 basic fears common to these life-wreckers. If you know what those […]

The Dishonorable Judge Lori B. Jackson

This article, written by Paul Elam, was originally posted on AVoiceforMen and is republished here with permission. Dear men and women of the men’s movement, We have arrived at a moment that will define this website and, I dare to say, this movement for years to come. As you recently learned from Dr. Tara Palmatier, […]

Putting Women on Pedestals: Don’t Do It

The following article by Paul Elam was read and discussed on the Get Her Off That Pedestal! broadcast of the Man Woman Truth radio program. Many years ago in a previous married life, I once participated in the now splendidly American ritual of taking a doomed marriage to therapy. Our stay was brief, like a […]