MWT Radio: Interview with Lt. Col. Joel Kirk

Tonight, Monday, September 17, 2012 at 8:00 PM CST, a special edition of Man, Woman Truth Radio will air on BlogTalkRadio. Joining co-hosts Dr. Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam will be US Air Force Lt. Col. Joel Kirk currently of Harrison County, West Virginia.

Many listeners will already be familiar with Kirk’s bizarre, Kafkaesque odyssey through the Harrison County Family Court, presided over by Judge Lori B. Jackson.

Jackson has made a shocking ruling in the ongoing Kirk divorce case, reversing a previous judge’s decision to award full custody to Lt. Col Kirk, and has given custody to the mother, Tina Taylor Kirk, despite the mountain of documentation provided  that  proves Ms. Kirk has regularly abused the family’s two children.

This episode will be an in-depth interview with Lt. Col. Kirk, allowing him to directly tell listeners about this tragedy, and about his struggle to secure the safety of his children and obtain some semblance of justice from the family court.

After the interview there will also be a discussion of activism efforts on behalf of Lt. Col Kirk, and you will be told how you can help.

The phone lines will be open at 310-388-9709, or registered users may Skype in to speak to Lt. Col. Kirk.

The show airs at 8:00 CST, US tonight, September 17, 2012, which is 2:00 AM, September 18 in London and 11:00 AM September 18 in Brisbane.



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  1. wooch says

    I’m afraid I will be become too enraged to listen to tonight’s broadcast. We have experienced similarities to this but to this level I pray not. I sure hope Tina can find her cell phone next time…..

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      Hi wooch,

      I understand. It was a good interview. Although, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the craziness experienced by the Col and his family.

  2. LiliM says

    Holee hell. I read the GAL’s report before this broadcast. I am just aghast. And livid. And in listening to his interview right now, he seems very nice, and very upfront.

    Red flag Numero Uno – if the crazee turns you down (as this horrific woman did to Lt. Col. Kirk) count your friggen blessings, and run, run, run in the other direction and retreat to the safety of your friends.

    Good grief. The level of disgust that I feel over all the aspects of this case is just overwhelming.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      I have been experiencing similar feelings since assisting the Col, LiliM. Like I wrote in my reply to wooch, there’s so much more we haven’t even covered yet. More to come this week.

  3. jp says

    Does anyone know: has Jackson’s ruling been published anywhere/is it publicly available?

    I read the full GAL report last night. What a frightening document…those poor kids. I’m dying to know if the she even bothered to address it in her decision.


  4. bubbajoebob says

    Hey Joel, sorry I missed this, but will catch it on MP3. I’m loving this full-court press being launched for you. Dr T this is FANTASTIC, the best thing that you’ve done yet on the net, and you’ve done a lot.

    I’ll hit you up on email, some good news from my front that might encourage you. If you can get your footing to stand up to the f*ckers, sometimes you can knock them right back on their asses. Ever do a rugby scrum? I’m second row, I’ve got you, let’s drive.

  5. says

    I’ve spoken with Lt. Col. Joel Kirk at length about his situation. Sadly, I was unable to assist with a full-court press regarding the abusive and downright criminal antics of Judge Jackson because of my own results in dealing with a disgrace judge on a power-trip, the Dishonorable Judge Diane E. Gibbons.

    Very, very recently, however, the restrictions once placed on our website “thepsychoexwife” have been lifted. The shackles of a civil rights violator are no more.

    As soon as we can recover, re-organize, and re-launch, we promise to do our level best to take swift and severe action in terms of publicizing the antics of yet another rogue judge who takes some seemingly sadistic glee in literally torturing children, fathers, and destroying families.

    Stand strong, Joel…


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