Information for Tonight’s Post-Radio Show Stickam Video Chat

Hello Everyone,

Paul and I are going to try having a post-show video chat via The video room only holds 12 people (that’s 10 minus Paul and myself), so it will be first come, first served.

If interested, you will need to register and be approved to gain access to the room. To expedite the process, you may want to send me an email (

Here is the link to the show Stickam room:


And a video explaining how it works:

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  1. Iron John says

    I have to say the Stickam room was a success last night. It was full house and I really enjoyed the after show conservation. There was a good balance between both humor and seriousness and everyone seemed to have a good time. If you didn’t make it you missed out on a memorable experience!

    N.B. Due to the number of people there, it would help if we worked out a way for the participants to signal the room if they want to speak. Perhaps a predefined word or phrase entered in the chat room? I did spend quite a while waiting my turn to talk.

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