NOW Lawyer and VAWA Defender Lisalyn R. Jacobs Charged with Assaulting Ben Vonderheide aka Daddy Justice

Some mornings, going through my email is just part of the usual routine. Then, other mornings, like today, someone sends an email that elicits a huge smile and just makes my whole day.

Ben Vonderheide aka Daddy Justice, is a relentless men’s and father’s rights activist. He and his video camera have been holding corrupt public officials and the corrupt family court system and its minions accountable for almost a decade.

Mr. Vonderheide’s fight began 8 years ago when his ex made false allegations of abuse against him in an effort to separate him from his child. He fought back and won and now he is fighting the good fight for countless other men and their children.

In July 2011, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was up for renewal in the U.S. Senate. Dr. Phil McGraw and other mucky-mucks in the $4 billion dollar plus a year Women’s Domestic Violence industry offered up their usual misinformation, lies and inaccurate statistics in an effort to have the legislature renewed.

After Dr. Phil lied spoke to the Senate, Mr. Vonderheide was waiting for him in the hallway with his camera.

Dr. Phil ignored Mr. Vonderheide, but other judiciary hearing participants did not. Let’s watch!

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vimeo DirektU.S. Senate, Dr. Phil and FemPork

The woman who assaults Mr. Vonderheide in the above video is Lisalyn R. Jacobs. Ms. Jacobs is the current vice president for government relations of Legal Momentum, NOW attorney and one of the individuals responsible for implementing the highly discriminatory and unconstitutional VAWA legislation. Here is Ms. Jacobs’ bio from the Legal Momentum website:

Lisalyn R. Jacobs joined Legal Momentum as vice president for government relations in March of 2003. She began her legal career at the National Partnership for Women and Families under the auspices of Georgetown’s Women’s Law & Public Policy Fellowship. Following three years in private practice, she joined the Office of Policy Development of the U.S. Justice Department in 1995 and worked on a number of issues including implementation of the Violence Against Women Act, the welfare reform law, judicial nominations. and affirmative action.

She also served as Chief of Staff of the Civil Rights Division, as well as Special Counsel to the Director of the Violence Against Women Office. In May of 2000, she left DOJ and for nearly three years was a civil and human rights consultant on issues ranging from capital punishment to affirmative action, and international human rights. She has testified before congressional committees at both the state and federal levels.

On December 5, 2011, Lisalyn R. Jacobs was charged and arraigned for assaulting Ben Vonderheide (Daddy Justice) outside the U.S. Senate VAWA hearing in Washington, D.C.

One would think that an individual who is against violence, who has devoted most of her adult professional life to ending violence and promoting human rights, would know better than to assault another human being in the corridors of the United States Senate for doing nothing more than filming her and asking her questions in an effort to hold her accountable for her very public beliefs and role in implementing discriminatory and unconstitutional legislature.

Ms. Jacobs believes violence against women and girls is wrong. Her actions, however, seem to indicate that female perpetrated violence against men is right and acceptable and the Orwellian belief that some humans are more equal than others.

I could go on and on about what a hypocrite Ms. Jacobs appears to be. I could  point out how a violent female offender shouldn’t be allowed to participate in any discussions or policy-making about the violence of men and the protection of women. I could say all these things and more.

Instead, I think I’ll go back to enjoying my schadenfreudegasm at seeing this kind of hypocrisy exposed.

Update: I wish I had included the video below when I originally posted this piece, but better late than never:

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Multiple schadenfreudegasms.

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  1. B Experienced says

    Poetry in motion for the people who are trying to prove how abusive women are.
    What could be better proof than a woman lawyer in charge of public trust who acts out violently on a man because of her narcissism and is involved in DV. Do I hear a vote for her losing her license? I wouldn’t hire her to pick the weeds in my garden .
    Dr. Phil has always overstated the affects of modeling. It is complete bulls– to believe that the most important model is the same sex parent. I happen to have grown up with a lot of girls whose father had custody of them. Why? Because their so called Mothers left them behind when they took off with another man. Their Father’s learned about female problems and were very nurturing men. I could go to my own Father about any female problems I had and he was nurturing as well in that area. I learned to be less afraid from the men in my life because women wimped out. My Mother couldn’t teach me that because she didn’t have what it took. A lot of gay men bond with their mothers over their fathers. Are they not men too? Are they all abusers too Dr. Phil? You beliefs are mere antiquated delusions that defy common sense. Get real.

    • B Experienced says

      Dr. Phil is, also, harming men by saying that the boys will take after their father and beat women up. I know a lot of guys who wouldn’t do that for that reason. Dr. Phil’s problem is his narcissism because he overvalues his importance and ideas in everybody’s life.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      I’ve had this little ditty playing in my head since posting it over on AVfM yesterday:

      The wheels on the Karma Bus go round and round,
      Round and round, round and round.
      The wheels on the Karma Bus go round and round,
      All over town.

      The bigoted, hypocritical, VAWA feminist hit a man,
      Hit a man, hit a man.
      The bigoted, hypocritical, VAWA feminist hit a man,
      And now she might land in the can.

      According to sources over at AVfM, attorney Jacobs law license was suspended. Don’t know if it’s due to her recent physical assault charges or something else.

      • B Experienced says

        I would find it hard to believe that she only had one charge against her given the confidence and arrogance she has shown when she hit him and broke the law with a camera on.

  2. lifeonborder-line says

    Dr. Phil is just reading from the same playbook as the Verizon PSA. Dr. Phil’s problem is that he likes money. However his narcissism and greed definitely are fed by being a popular tv personality.

      • lifeonborder-line says

        Thanks! That was before I was a regular reader. My wife watches that crap. Religiously at times. Its amazing how she justifies everything she does. Kind of like the real perps.

        • lifeonborder-line says

          It also explains why my wife blames me for all of our son’s bad behavior. Even though I have only known him since he was almost 4 and he is now 6. Dr. Phil blames this stuff all on men

          • B Experienced says

            People who can be called narcissists have very limited perspectives because Number 1 they want it and Number 2 they are right, Number 1 they want it and Number 2 they are right. Repeat this until your face turns blue, people give in or get feed up. Then repeat steps Number 1 and 2 over and over. If that doesn’t work then move on to psychopathic behaviors.

            They are just non psychotic psychologically and morally insane.

        • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

          You’re welcome. Although, it’s hard to sit through that crap.

          Have you read the article here on DARVO (Deny, Attack and Reverse Victim Order)?

          • B Experienced says

            Hi life,
            It takes a while to wrap your mind around it because you aren’t like them. Perhaps this analogy might be helpful. Think of them belonging to a Reverse Universe and that the people from there do just about everything the opposite of what we do for purely selfish reasons. They do not empathize like we do which is the prerequisite for love, and they have no conscience or one like Swiss Cheese in very important moral areas. Malignant self love is how they love.

            My advice to anybody is that the single most important area that you have to watch for in yourself regarding a Cluster B is to not get sucked into their ploys for sympathy and empathy and to know that the concept of pathological sympathy and empathy exists and you are free to use it.

  3. Freedom says

    Now, I’m not a psychiatrist (but i do play one on TV), but i disagree with Dr. Phil’s assessment that a child will bond most with the same sex parent. I believe the child will bond with the parent they identify with most (let’s assume that both parents are still in the child’s life). In fact, i believe that the child will pick up traits of both parents, apply what is successful (whether its healthy or not) and discard what is unsuccessful (whether its healthy or not). A boy who was abused by his mother may come to be distrusting of women, no matter how hard the father tries. Same thing for a girl/father example. A boy may see that his father is an example of what not to be. Same thing for a girl/mother example. Character traits are not created in a vacuum, with one gender coming out the winner simply because of that gender. And there are PLENTY of other factors that come into play. Heck, a child may bond more with an uncle/aunt/friend/cousin than his parents. Its who they identify with. This easily explains how normally great parents have a child that is uncontrollable… because someone else has influenced the child greater (for whatever reason) than what the parents could.

    I heard a great quote recently that says: “Don’t be so worried about whether or not your child is listening to you. Be more worried that the child is watching what you do”.

    Now on to the assault. I was floored (ha, pun intended because the guy was almost floored) and amazed at the “do as i say, not as i do” mentality. Do ya get the feeling that the women came out of the Senate hearing feeling pretty darn good about themselves (facts and true statistics about DV be damned cuz they’re SOOO inconvenient) and here comes Mr. Reality. Caught off guard? I’d say her guard was up and she was ready to go. Here’s the thing… if you’re gonna be a face for whatever organization(s), then that makes you a public figure. You’re still a public figure even if it has negative consequences. People have a right to film you, and you have no right to assault them for doing it. Hopefully – – please, Santa, please – – they’ll throw the book at her and give her a TON of community service, but not in a service that she picks. And hopefully she doesn’t have kids that she’s gonna lie to and tell them the wrong reason as to why mommy has to go to jail. She already has enough blind followers who are supposed to be wise, thoughtful, open-eyed adults, yet follow her blindly…

    • B Experienced says

      Hi Freedom

      I hope that your one of my favorite shrinks on night time TV. I always liked the Chinese man on Law and Order and the detective on Law and Order who is modeled after Dr. Park Dietz. I like Dietz in real life because he holds people accountable and isn’t psychotically Freudian or some type of other psuedoscientist with a hundred mental problems of his own. He told Hinckley that he was a spoiled brat and stated that he didn’t like him. I loved it!

      • Freedom says

        Nah B, i’m just a regular schlep. does that make me a schlep-chiatrist? But it amazes me how people considered the best/most popular at what they do can spew out strange stuff that they know the public will buy. Dr. Phil in this case i think is flat-out wrong for saying what he said – that the child will bond more with the same gender parent. Some will, some will not. But i think to make a blanket statement like that to Congress (another group of idiots) is irresponsible at best, and very damaging. Dr. Phil is selling Dr. Phil. But then he might as well come out and say that his stats and his beliefs are the only ones that are true. Its little more than political correctness for one side at the expense of true data, true awareness, for all sides…

        Schlep-chiatrist says so…

    • Jason says

      but i disagree with Dr. Phil’s assessment that a child will bond most with the same sex parent.

      I agree with you. A sampling size of one, but my oldest daughter bonded with me, but not with her mother. My oldest son bonded with neither of us. My daughter bonded with her mother as strongly as my oldest had bonded with me.

      My oldest is very much like me. My youngest is superficially like her mother, but dig below the surface and even my ex-wife says our youngest is more like me than her.

      Looking back, I “bonded” with my mother, though I now realize that she didn’t deserve it. My youngest sister has said the same thing.

      • Freedom says

        after reading your post i got to thinking about my parents and others that have affected my life and my personality. there’s plenty of influence of both of my parent’s traits that i adopted for myself. My mom was the epitome of calm, cool, collected. She was very balanced, very kind, very compassionate and someone who could put a smile on your face even if you met her for 5 minutes. My dad was very abusive, very manly, very aggressive, very out there. He could charm the pants off of a nun, or leave you scratching your head asking yourself “is this guy for real?”

        I bonded very much with my mother, not so much with my father. He was the example of the man i didn’t want to be. Just some quick observations of both parents and the traits i got from them:

        Compassion: mom

        Kindness: mom

        Standing up for what i believe in: dad

        Passion for what i do: neither. mom had her passions in the things she liked to do. Dad was loud-mouthed about whatever could be considered a passion. Was it a passion? I wouldn’t consider him a passionate person, but the things he liked he was very vocal about.

        Outspokenness: dad to a point. i’m not loud and stupid like my father was, but i am outspoken. I state my beliefs, but i am very open the other ideas and beliefs. Mom was very passive in this regard.

        Emotional honesty: this came thru a lot of years of personal strife on my part. Neither parent were very emotional. Mom was always passive with her emotions, and dad had two emotions, elation and rage, always on a scale of ten. I found for myself a happier balance.

        So, in this very simple set of examples, i think children take what they can use and discard what they think is not as useful. All of these decisions can be good choices or bad given the situations and interactions with others. Dr. Phil seems to want to make a very false and very blanket statement about fathers and sons/men and boys. People learn thru life and make their own choices.

  4. Merlin says

    Keep exposing this, Dr.Tara

    You’re doing a fine job, and your efforts are truly appreciated by many, myself included.Thanks again for your comments on my article over at AVFM, I think it pushed a few buttons eh.

  5. says

    How is someone (Dr. Phil) allowed to testify before the Senate on matters of psychology w/o an active degree in the field of psychology?

    Aren’t there (or shouldn’t there be) safeguards protecting our Senators from hearing false testimony? How hard is it to do a background/qualification check on a person before they are allowed to testify?

    Or at least let the Senators know ahead of time, “In the spirit of full disclosure, the person you are about to hear is not currently holding a degree in psychology, but he plays a psychologist on tv…and not really all that well, actually. So please give his words the attention and respect that they deserve…which is none at all. Now would be a good time to take a bathroom break or refill your coffee at the cafeteria.”

    Okay, perhaps a bit lengthy for a disclaimer, but I’m in a silly mood.

    Also, i liked the gravatar at first, but now can’t seem to change it. eh, whatevs.

    • lifeonborder-line says

      Dr. Phil was there to get headlines. Senators and their staffers know. How stupid was it to have Stephen Colbert testify about migrant workers. Unfortunately you are correct. Some people will take Dr. Phil’s testimony seriously when it deserves no more time than Colbert’s. They are both TV personalities and not experts. The sent is one of the most elite clubs in the country.

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