Shrink4Men Radio Monday, October 3, 2011: The Siren Song of Crazy, Toxic and Abusive Women with Guest Shari Schreiber of

Are you a crazy chick magnet?

Does it seem like every woman you fall for eventually turns out to be unstable, destructive, toxic, controlling, “fragile,” manipulative, and abusive?

Are you a rescuer of damsels in distress, birds with broken wings and other unidentified professional victims (UPVs)?

Can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong?

If you’re a woman, does it seem like every man to whom you’re attracted has a crazy ex he just can’t seem to get over?

Does your partner have a crazy ex with whom he still struggles setting and enforcing boundaries?

Do you gnash your teeth in frustration as you watch your partner get sucked back into the vortex of Crazy time and again whenever his high-conflict ex manufactures another drama or crisis?

Are you a rescuer who rescues rescuers?

Are you wondering if you, in fact, may be the crazy one?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of your crazy-making relationship pattern?

If so, tune in to Shrink4Men Radio on the AVfM channel on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 9pm EST when your host, Dr Tara J. Palmatier of, and her guest, Shari Schreiber, M.A. of, will discuss  The Siren Song of Crazy, Toxic and Abusive Women.

This show is for men and women who find themselves attracted to emotionally unstable partners again and again and individuals who are attracted to partners who have a history of being involved with crazy, destructive partners whom I like to call rescuers who rescue rescuers.

If you have questions or would like to share your experiences with Dr T and Shari, telephone lines will be open (+1 310 388 9709.)

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    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      Yeah, didn’t get into that topic as I’d hoped. I may do a follow-up to this show on my own. I had a lot of points that we didn’t cover that I would like to do in the radio format.

  1. david says

    S4M and GettinBetter were the two sites that opened my eyes to it all. Without them, I may have lost so many good things in my life. Be tuning in for sure.

  2. B Experienced says

    A lot of psycho therapists in the field are pathological rescuers as well. This only reinforces the public’s and their client’s pathology. They are supposed to be getting their needs for love met in their own life and maintaining a professional relationship with their clients. However, this often spills over into their work with their clients. Any kind of therapist who has this poor of a professional boundary and can’t control their own need for love is one that you should be running from. They tend to be the hugging, feel good at any cost type of therapist who can be both excessively giving and needy themselves. They tolerate abuse or rationalize it all in the name of what they call love.

  3. sherlock says

    Thanks for sharing, very intresting.

    Keep up the great work Dr.T & Shari Schreiber. I don’t think I have to say that you guys have help thousands of men to understand better their situation and overcome obstacles that literally has been a living hell for many of us.

    • Nick says

      In living hell is where I’m at. This is my first ever experience writing anything on any blog for any reason. I’m too embarrassed to confide in anyone. Compounded by my work as a performer I am in the public eye most of the time making it even more difficult for any deep friendships. She moved in with me 2 1/2 yrs ago w/her now 17yr old son. I left a relationship to be with her, and she never lets me forget that. She doesn’t trust me – ever. Constantly accusing me of “keeping doors cracked open” for my potential ex-lovers as well as new ones. I have had my previous years “playing”, and I have absolutely no desire for anything else other than to have us work out fully; with fun, wild lovemaking, spiritual consortment, sharing, communication, and mostly trust. I’ve been pounded so hard for so long about where she wrongly thinks my head is, I’ve caught myself doubting my own character. I’ve given this woman my entire heart. We argue to screaming pitch almost instantly whenever either one of our integrity is questioned by the other. She has lied to me more than once. Yesterday I’ve only yesterday learned shes been in contact with her ex-boyfriend fairly regularly for years now. (We dated for 3 years before she moved in). She has tirades way worse than the video link I viewed on your sight. I’m burned out from screaming back in defense of my own character. I actually put ear plugs or a headset on with music while she goes off. She “spins out” regularly at full throttle for over an hour, screaming the most cutting, degrading, untruths about me. There are no drugs or involved. I sometimes leave the house and walk. She attends my shows and actually interferes with my work, and all the while she appears to have the utmost in grace to everyone around her. Very eloquent speaker, appearing to others to be of great support to me. Constantly smiling, and constantly, subtlety flirting. We have similar violent/sexual abuse chidhoods, and there has been previous times where we were both violent towards each other. It is obvious to me this is toxic yet I’m vacillating between taking all of her things to her car, parents, and/or ex-boyfriends house while shes at work, and cutting off all ties, or confronting her about me recently finding out about her contacting her ex-boyfriend. The 17yr old hasn’t been staying here much lately,(imagine that), and I would be welcoming him to finish out his school year here, should he desire. I’ve been avoiding her for fear of a huge fight and possible violence. I cannot communicate with her at all. She constantly interrupts, takes over the conversation, finishes my thoughts/feelings/sentences inaccurately. I rarely feel I am being received. Yet this is crazy – I want this to work out. Our times of sharing are beyond exquisite. Strangers have approached us to comment on what a wonderful in love couple we are. I’ve only scratched the surface. Could sincerely use an objective opion. I’m sure I already know the answer. Have I lost myself here – where to begin?

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