Ex-Girlfriend Tracy West Makes False Rape Allegations Against Her Son’s Father to Gain Sole Custody and the State of California Refuses to Prosecute Her

“Could this be happening? A man’s nightmare made real.

Louis Gonzalez III stood accused of unspeakable acts: kidnapping, torture, sexual assault. If convicted, he faced life behind bars.”

This is the kind of story that makes my blood boil.

On February 1, 2008, Tracy West of Simi Valley, California staged a physical and sexual assault on herself. She then accused ex-boyfriend and father of their 5-year old son, Louis Gonzalez, III, of the “crime.”

This wasn’t the typical minor topical scratches and light bruises some high-conflict and/or abusive personality disordered women self-inflict to get an edge in divorce and custody cases.

West pulled out all the stops to cut Gonzalez out of his son’s life forever.

Tracy West tore out chunks of her own hair, burned her abdomen and fingers with matches and claimed Gonzalez hogtied and attacked her vaginally and anally with a wooden hanger and tried to suffocate her with a plastic bag.

Her husband, Tim Geiges, conveniently arrived on the scene to find West tied up and naked with purple duct tape in her hair. Geiges called 911 and told the emergency operator that his wife had been attacked by her ex, Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was then arrested outside of the Montessori school his son attends while waiting to pick him up for his visitation weekend.

Gonzalez was kept in solitary lock-up for 83 days while he awaited trial. While he agonized night and day about his fate and what would happen to his son, West played the poor little victim act to the hilt.

Thanks to the stellar detective work of his defense team, attorneys Debra S. White and Jay Leiderman and forensic investigator Leigh-Anne Salinas, and the integrity of one cop, Detective David Del Marto, it became clear that West was lying about the identity of her attacker.

Eye witnesses of Gonzalez’s whereabouts that morning and afternoon, security cameras, phone records and bank withdrawals showed that it would’ve been impossible for Gonzalez to have committed the attack.

Furthermore, there was no DNA evidence to place Gonzalez at the West-Geiges residence. In fact, Detective Del Marto was amazed by the sophistication of West’s assailant and speculated that Gonzalez must’ve watched a lot of CSI to leave such an immaculate crime scene.

Someone had been doing a lot of research about how to create a crime scene, but it wasn’t Gonzalez. It was West, as evidence would later show.

LA Times reporter, Christopher Goffard writes:

During the attack, [West] said, she awoke from a blackout to find Gonzalez had placed mittens on her hands — she recalled drawstrings at the wrists — while he wore plastic gloves.

Del Marto thought this pointed to an uncommon level of sophistication — to a man who took extraordinary pains to avoid leaving fingerprints or traces of his DNA under his victim’s raking fingernails. In his report, the detective noted another detail she gave: Her attacker had worn beige-colored overalls, as if to shield his clothes from evidence.

Tracy West play acting.

The degree of West’s premeditation is breathtaking.

One of the first things Gonzalez told police during questioning:

This is about a custody fight, Gonzalez said. “I always just assumed that she would lie and do things to get the edge in court. I don’t know that she would go to this extent to get me in trouble. This is absurd. I mean, how can I possibly have done that?”

Thus, every man’s worst nightmare began for Gonzalez.

I firmly believe that any allegation of assault, rape or abuse made by a woman against a man with whom she’s currently embroiled in a divorce and/or custody case should be immediately suspect—especially if there’s no concrete evidence and the accused doesn’t have a prior history of violence. By the way, “because she says so” isn’t concrete evidence.

What happened to Gonzalez could happen to any man who becomes involved with and has a child with a high-conflict and/or abusive personality disordered woman. West might not have an official diagnosis, but her actions smack of sociopathy and Borderline Personality Disorder.

How did this nightmare spawned by West’s refusal to share custody begin? According to the LA Times:

[West and Gonzalez] met in a finance-class study group at the University of Nevada in summer 2001. . . Their relationship was brief. They had been apart for months when, by his account, she called during a sonogram appointment. Suddenly he was listening to the heartbeat of their son.

Oops, she’s pregnant!

In her fourth month of pregnancy, West met Gonzalez at a Denny’s in Vegas. According to a police report, she said he became upset because she wouldn’t go back to him. She said he slapped her and punched her stomach.

Gonzalez’s version: They had gotten back together, and argued because she was seeing another man and lying about it. He admitted to breaking her windshield, but only after she “went nuts hitting him,” the police report said. He was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic violence. The charge was dropped.

The family-court battle began before the boy’s first birthday — an interminable gauntlet of judges, mediators and psychiatrists as the two argued over custody and visitation.

Gonzalez’s custody attorney, Denise Placencio, said West tried relentlessly to curtail his time with his son, accusing Gonzalez of domestic abuse and claiming the boy suffered “separation anxiety” when he was away from his mother. The campaign continued, Placencio said, after West married Geiges and moved to California with the boy.

The courts allowed Gonzalez two weekends a month with his son.

White and Salinas retraced Gonzalez’s steps the day of the alleged attack and Detective Del Marto did the same. Both investigations independently concluded that Tracy West’s story didn’t add up.

Furthermore, there was no DNA evidence of Gonzalez at the West-Geiges home and West’s medical examination showed no vaginal or anal tearing or bleeding. Initially, West told police that she was certain the attack took place between 12:30pm to 12:45pm because she was just about to leave to pick her daughter up from school. After Del Marto realized the improbability of Gonzalez being the assailant based upon evidence and the time West claimed she was attacked, he questioned West again about the time of the attack. West back-pedaled and and claimed she didn’t know what time it happened.

The lack of DNA evidence and medical evidence combined with Gonzalez’s phone records, travel time and security camera footage and West changing her story caused Detective Del Marto to believe Gonzalez was innocent.

From th LA Times:

The preliminary hearing in State vs. Gonzalez, to determine whether he should face trial, was weeks away, and Del Marto was expected to testify on West’s behalf so she wouldn’t have to. The detective did something rare in his 23-year career. He called the prosecutor to say that he was uncomfortable testifying in his own case.

Ventura County prosecutors were not deterred by this, nor by the absence of corroborating evidence. They intended to put West on the stand to tell her story. There, she would face a defense team that had lined up 10 alibi witnesses and was preparing to portray her as a pathological liar.

And then, in classic borderline fashion, West made a parasuicidal gesture to get out of going to court where she would certainly be confronted with her lies.

On April 21, 2008, the day before Gonzalez’s hearing, the prosecutors were notified that Tracy West had been admitted to the hospital for a suicide attempt. They received a note that appeared to be in West’s handwriting:

“The DA asking me to relive my horror of Louis Gonzalez attack is more than I can bear. For them it is a case. For me it is my life shattered,” read the note. “I died of Rx overdose — suicide.”

Later, in family court, West would say she did not remember writing the note and blamed the hospitalization on drugs her psychiatrist prescribed.

On April 22, 2008, the case against Gonzalez was dropped for the time being because of the unreliability of their one and only witness, Tracy West. The state reserved the right to pursue the case in the future.

Gonzalez was released and, in another classic maneuver of Crazy, Tracy West filed a restraining order against Gonzalez and successfully blocked access to their son for 8 months. Meanwhile, Gonzalez was living with the possibility of having his case reopened. Can you imagine the stress and trauma of having something like that hanging over your head?

The LA Times reports:

Getting to see his son proved tougher. He missed his 6th birthday. A custody judge withheld visitation, concerned Gonzalez might still face criminal charges. Another complication was West’s restraining order, which hung over him for months after his release, until she withdrew it just as his legal team was preparing to attack it in court.

A judge awarded him $55,000 for legal fees he incurred fighting it, though West’s subsequent declaration of bankruptcy made it doubtful he’d ever recover the money.

He was finally allowed to see his son — eight months after his arrest. It was a brief visit at the office of a family reunification specialist.

Soon after, on his day off, Del Marto gave a deposition to the family law attorney Gonzalez had enlisted to fight for full custody. All of the physical evidence had been processed, the detective said, and none of it implicated Gonzalez.

“Based on my investigation, I see no reason why he should not be able to see his son.”

In order to clear his name, Gonzalez petitioned the court for a declaration of factual innocence, which is rarely granted and difficult to obtain. Even though there was no evidence that Gonzalez committed the crime and evidence that it was impossible for him to have committed the crime, Ventura County prosecutors fought hard to prevent Gonzalez from being granted a declaration of factual innocence.

After a year long legal battle, Gonzalez prevailed and was declared innocent.

And what happened to Tracy West? She didn’t go to jail. Heck, she wasn’t even prosecuted.

The LA Times reports:

Asked why West hadn’t been charged with filing a false police report, Ellison, the Ventura County prosecutor, gave this explanation: “We could not say with 100% certainty that Tracy West was lying.”

To Gonzalez’s attorneys, who have argued vehemently for West’s arrest, the state’s decision not to charge her criminally violates the most basic moral arithmetic.

[Defense attorney] Leiderman said he thinks the district attorney’s office is embarrassed and wants the case to disappear. “No one wanted to believe a woman would make something like this up,” he said.

Gonzalez sued West for malicious prosecution, and her insurance carrier settled the case on confidential terms. He did not sue Del Marto or his department. He doesn’t blame the detective.

According to the LA Times article, Del Marto struggles with the idea that a woman could stage an assault and fabricate such horrible lies. Believe it, Detective Del Marto. Women make false allegations everyday, perhaps not to the extreme that West did, but it happens.

When investigating the West home, police found computer records showing that Tracy West visited a sexual bondage website. From the LA Times:

The site featured men and women in elaborate restraints, and a depiction of a double-loop slipknot with a little eyelet on one end. To Del Marto, it resembled the knotted cord a nurse had removed from West’s bruised neck on Feb. 1, 2008.

Del Marto said prosecutors asked him whether a case could be made against her. His reply: not without her confession. He prepared to confront her with the inconsistencies in her story. He planned to give her a lie-detector test. He couldn’t force her to cooperate, however.

“She stopped answering my phone calls,” he said.

His supervisor praised his detective work, but Del Marto found the outcome unsatisfying. No one punished was a bad way to leave it.

Meanwhile, the battle for custody of West’s and Gonzalez’s son continued. Court-appointed psychologist, John Paglini, who interviewed West 4 times, unequivocally told Las Vegas family court Judge Bill Henderson that there were only two possibilities: that either Gonzalez attacked her or West lied.

Since Gonzalez was declared innocent of the crime, that means Tracy West lied. During the custody deposition, West refused to answer questions by invoking her 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

As the tide turned in Gonzalez’s favor, West blew off a court appearance in the summer of 2009 and Gonzalez was granted temporary custody. I can’t believe the court even had to deliberate this case. If Gonzalez’s and West’s genders were reversed, Gonzalez would’ve been handed permanent full custody on a silver platter and lots of ca$h.

In June 2010, Tracy West was still portraying herself as the vulnerable waif-victim. Instead of pleading the 5th, she held fast to her claims that Gonzalez attacked her, despite all the evidence to the contrary and the declaration of innocence, and insisted she deserved custody of their son.

From the LA Times:

In her closing argument, Gonzalez’s custody attorney, Denise Placencio, said West had been trying to divide father and son for years — attempting to change the boy’s surname, moving him from Nevada to California, offering Gonzalez money to relinquish parental rights.

“The last resort was to frame Mr. Gonzalez and put him in jail,” she said.

The judge concluded that West’s insistence on Gonzalez’s guilt “with no rational basis” was an attempt to remove the boy from his father’s life.

“She continues to maintain that he’s guilty of this heinous crime, and he’s not,” the judge said. “The court finds if mom is allowed to maintain primary physical custody, she’s more likely to continue with this.” She appeared to be a good mother otherwise, he said, and it was with “a heavy heart” that he awarded custody to the father.

Just wow. WOW. Judge Henderson granted primary physical custody to Louis Gonzalez, III, with “a heavy heart” because West “appeared to be a good mother otherwise.” Are you kidding me?

Good mothers don’t stage elaborate crime scenes and accuse the fathers of their children of heinous crimes they didn’t commit. Good mothers don’t let the fathers of their children rot in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Good mothers don’t try to alienate their children from their fathers. Good mothers don’t interfere with a loving father’s access to his children no matter what their personal differences are. Good mothers don’t let their children grow up to believe that their fathers are abusers and rapists.

Since losing custody, Tracy West has moved back to Las Vegas. She gets unsupervised visitation with their son every weekend. Can you imagine having to hand your child over to a woman who tried to have you thrown in jail for life every weekend at a McDonald’s or Starbuck’s as if it’s just your run of the mill custody exchange?

It’s unclear from the LA Times article if West and her husband, Tim Geiges, are still married.

Tim, if you happen to read this, be afraid. Be very afraid. You share a daughter with this twisted monster. What happened to Louis could happen to you, too. Always have an alibi.

Mr Gonzalez, if you happen to read this, please contact me, I would love to interview you. I think your story could help prevent the same nightmare from happening to other men who’ve had the misfortune of becoming involved with the wrong woman.

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  1. george says

    Horrible Monsters stage elaborate crime scenes and accuse the fathers of their children of heinous crimes they didn’t commit. Horrible Monsters let the fathers of their children rot in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Horrible Monsters alienate their children from their fathers. Horrible Monsters interfere with a loving father’s access to his children when they have personal differences. Horrible Monsters let their children grow up to believe that their fathers are abusers and rapists when they are not. Horrible Monsters need to be put in jail and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law, in order to protect the rest of society. Horrible Monsters can be male or female. The heinous crimes they commit need to be prosecuted, regardless of the gender of the Horrible Monster.

  2. Ron On Drums says

    I wish I could say this surprises me. Sadly it doesn’t. Not in the least. Having dealt with a false charge (that I PROVED false) I am not surprised at all. Until the courts decide to PROSECUTE these psychopathic, sociopathic women this will just be repeated over & over. If a BPD or HCP person knows there will be no repercussions for actions such as this why wouldn’t they do it? I am actually stunned the judge gave custody to the father. Especially since he wasn’t married to her.

    Small victory though since they allow her unsupervised visits. If I were the judge I would fear the mother will either kidnap the child or kill the child just to see that the father can’t “win”.

    As I had shared in my own story about my PSYCHO ex GF she has never been arrested for filing a false charge that the judge & police admitted was false. Even better she latter met & married a nice guy. He left her due to her psychotic behavior & she did it AGAIN!!! Still no arrest.

    I say that maybe if these people face charges & jail time it may prevent a few. But lets be real. It would have little to no effect on most women like this. They become so set on making the other pay that NOTHING will stop them. When they are in such a rage common sense means nothing. So I guess the only solution is to jail them to at least keep them from doing it again.


    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      Hi Ron,

      I had the same exact thought about West potentially kidnapping or killing their son. If Gonzalez did to West what she did to him, he’d be lucky to see his son through a glass window. She’s dangerous. She no doubt believes her own lies now, which many of these freaks do. They tell the same lie over and over until they believe their fictions are real. Although, somewhere deep down, I think they know how full of sh– they are.

      Women like West and her male equivalents don’t care about the law. They’re “speh-shul” and believe their actions, even criminal actions, are justified. Nevertheless, they need to start receiving consequences—and I don’t mean a year of mandatory therapy. They need to be in jail.

      • davedal says

        Yea, but when is someone going to lobby to get this changed. My ex years ago took emergency custody of my son from me, for sexual made up bullshit in a sexual manner. The detective that interviewed my son, and two female psychologists interviewed everyone and came to the conclusion that my ex-wife coached and repeatedly went over a scene with my son to try and incriminate me because she tried to gain custody four times previously and failed before. Will these women tell lies in court to try to get what they want. YES THEY WILL. I’m a victim of it also. All the judge did was throw it out of court. It was proven that she lied ,but these judges just look at it like its part of a domestic squabble going on. I’ve been sick of it for a long time. If real jail time was given to anyone for trying to convict an innocent person knowingly through false lies and information, The sentence should be thrown backwards at the one for knowingly accusing the innocent with false information. What makes these women think in their minds that they are better?

  3. Ron On Drums says

    Oh & one other thing Dr T. You probably know this already but fully expect the more radical element of feminist to come after you with guns blazing for printing this story. Most deny that false charges of rape (same as PAS) even exist. There is a reason rape is difficult to prove. It is because of nut cases like this. It would be far to easy for even more to use the court system to “get even” with a former love interest.

    I guess what the radical feminist refuse to see is that it is BECAUSE of these cases that it becomes hard to prove. It further damages REAL victims of this horrible crime. It belittles the women who have been REAL victims of such a horrible crime. I have NO problem with public castration of real offenders. But because of women such as this real offenders go free to produce more victims.


    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      Anyone who would defend this woman instantly loses credibility as far as I’m concerned, Ron.

      Actually, rape isn’t difficult to prove. Rape kits collect DNA evidence. No evidence; no crime. Lots of these false allegations are made days, weeks, and months after the alleged attack. Honestly, if I were the police, I would look at delayed accusations with a very skeptical eye.

      As for the “she was too traumatized and scared to go to the police after it happened” excuse—I don’t buy it. If I were attacked, the first place I’d go is to the ER. I’d want my perp identified and punished.

      Throwing men or anyone in jail with little to no evidence, just because a woman points a finger is unconstitutional. I think every woman who makes a false allegation should do the same amount of time the wrongfully accused would have been done if convicted.

      It may not stop all women from making false allegations, but it would stop the majority if they knew they would suffer strong consequences for lying and destroying an innocent man’s life.

      • Ron On Drums says

        Oh yea, that’s right. I forgot about DNA. I was a cop MANY years before DNA when I was in the U.S. Air Force. We had a false accusation once. A girl had sex with 2 guys at once & when she realized that people knew about it she cried rape. Good thing about the A.F. though was she was kicked out ( I think she got 30 days confinment as well) for both doing the deed & for filing a false report. Had it not been for the work of a good investigator those 2 guys could have gotten life in Leavenworth.

        Interesting on your comment on getting the same jail time. Unrelated to this I was talking with a friend about a case in TX where a D A got a guy convicted for a crime that the D A KNEW he didn’t commit using false evidence (he knew it was false) & witholding exculpitory evidence that would have cleared him.

        What did the D A get? A slap on the wrist from his peers. He had already left the D A’s office so they couldn’t fire him. The poor guy he sent to jail did something like 10years before he was cleared. How about the D A does the same jail time he did? I know unrelated to this but same principle.

        • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

          I agree, Ron, The former DA should do as many years in jail as the innocent man lost. He should do another 5 for abusing his position of authority. A DA is someone who, more than anyone else, ought to know the law.

          Actually, he does know the law. The more and more I read, it seems that attorneys and judges protect their own. In many cases, it’s the fox who is guarding the hen house.

          • george says

            Dr. T.,
            Sadly it has been my experience in with the family law system in California, that it really depends on the judge as to whether or not “evidence” will be used to determine the outcome of your case. It’s been my experience that some judges just look at you, form an opinion, then discard or allow evidence depending upon whether or not those puzzle pieces fit the mental picture of you that they have in their mind. My BPD ex can play the helpless victom better than anybody I know. She can also paint a picture of me as the big bad wolf, just based on false accusations. Her lawyer provided no evidence, just a big list of accusations. Her lawyer also went on to say that she will really struggle, even though she is just so pretty. What does being a pretty victom have to do with guilt or innocence? Sadly, with a bad judge, it can mean everything.

      • catsmith9 says

        Don’t read the article comments, then – several people do defend her. They actually say he hired someone to impersonate him and he has mob connections or something.

  4. CO_RIDER says

    This doesn’t surprise me either because something similar happened to me.

    My ex had taken my son on vacation in November 2009. After her return, she contacted police stating that her neighbors had witnessed me entering her residence. Because of our relationship, the DV “smear” was in effect. The DA’s office must automatically arrest me. Thankfully, they called me and allowed me to “turn myself in.” I did so and spent 9 hours in jail for something that I did not do. After I got out, I hired attorneys and private investigators. There was no evidence whatsoever except the witness’ word who by the way could not identify me out of a set of six facial photos. They claimed I was about 5’10” – I’m actually 6’4″. They claimed I drove a red Ford Ranger – I actually drive a White Jeep Wrangler. However, because of staffing issues within the court house and DA’s office, all of the evidence clearing my name would never be seen by the DA trying the case. I could either pay for a jury trial or plea to a lesser charge. I didn’t have $10K, so I was basically forced to plea.

    All women have to do is make an accusation against a man with whom they share parenting responsibilities and that man’s life is changed forever.

    I’ve called police on three occasions; either for wellfare checks or because I thought outright that my son was in danger. Nothing came of those calls.

    I’m currently in the process of requesting more time with my 6 year old son (I have 57% parenting time now, she has 43%) and when I read this story, all I could think about was how my ex will go apesh*t when she gets these new Modification Orders in the mail. I’m afraid she is not above the type of behavior displayed by West.

    What do I get from this article? “Always have an alibi.”

    Thanks, Dr T, for bringing these issues to light…even though this article does scare the crap out of me.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      Hi CO Rider,

      I’m so sorry you’re going through that with your ex. It angers me that you had to plea to a lesser charge.

      ALWAYS HAVE AN ALIBI. It’s no joke. It could literally save your life. If I were involved in a situation like yours, I would track my own whereabouts with a GPS device. I would also use FB or Twitter apps on my phone/mobile device to track my whereabouts.

      I would consider installing cameras in my living space to date and time stamp that I was at home when no witnesses could place me there. Perhaps that sounds paranoid, but when you’re dealing with that level of Crazy and maliciousness, it just might save your life.

      If you haven’t read the Times article (it’s quite long, but worth the read) here are the closing statements, which speak to ALWAYS HAVE AN ALIBI:

      “Sometimes Gonzalez wonders how much worse things might have gone.

      What if he had grabbed breakfast in Las Vegas before boarding his flight? He wouldn’t have needed that bagel in Simi Valley, so he wouldn’t have gone to the bank for cash, and wouldn’t have been caught on security cameras.

      His alibi evaporates and he’s in prison for life.

      At the end of the day his mind automatically replays his movements, hour by hour, because it was his ability to do that that saved him. After his release he developed the habit of meticulously documenting his whereabouts, eliminating time gaps that might leave him vulnerable.

      If he’s in an airport or a 7-Eleven, he makes sure the surveillance cameras get a good look at his face. Anytime he can swipe his credit card and sign his name, even to buy a pack of gum, he does it. He fills his wallet with receipts and the world with a conspicuous trail.

      He feels most vulnerable when he is asleep, when, for six or eight hours a night, no cameras are watching, no witnesses are marking his presence, and no one but Louis Gonzalez III can say with certainty where he is.”

  5. Ron On Drums says

    I would wonder if this poor guy has any recourse against her in civil court? Could he sue for slander, liable, defamation of character, lost wages, legal fees etc etc. The standard for proof in civil court is much lower. Since he has receipts that PROVE he couldn’t have been there he couldn’t loose. Then again he may be afraid of her to the point where he would fear retribution on him or his son.

    Also & I promise last point…lol What in the hell ever happened to the best interest of the child in custody proceedings? On what planet would it be in the best interest of this child to have to spend even a New York Min with this whacked out woman?

    All the courts CLAIM to decide custody based on the best interest of the child. But we see over & over again parents given visitation or custody after 7 or 8 stays in rehab, abusive women given visitation, people who alinate the child from one parent etc etc.

    They can claim it is in the best interest of the child to spend time with parents who have no concern over anybodies welfare but their own. I can claim to be the pope but that doesn’t make me him.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

      I believe Gonzalez sued her in civil court to recoup the $55,000+ he spent in legal fees among other things.

      West promptly filed bankruptcy. YOU’LL NEVER HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! BWAHAHAHAHA!

      Question: If a man declares bankruptcy, is back owed child support forgiven or does he go to what has become debtor’s prison? And didn’t the US supposedly do away with debtor’s prison a long time ago? Just wondering.

      • So Cal Dad says

        Current and back child support is not eligible for discharge in bankruptcy. In California, a Court’s order for child support is enforceable by contempt penalties, which can include incarceration.

        • Dr Tara J. Palmatier says

          Yet Tracy West can escape her responsibility to Mr Gonzalez.

          Can you say, “double standards,” boys and girls?

          I knew you could.

          • says

            Dr. T,

            I’m afraid I have to disagree. A court ordered monetary punishment can’t be eliminated in a Chapter 7 (debt elimination) bankruptcy. It can be re-paid in a chapter 13 (repayment) bankruptcy.

            For disclosure, I worked for a bankruptcy law firm for several years. So she can’t get out of the debt, so long as it is a court imposed sanction.

    • So Cal Dad says

      The article indicated that Gonzalez filed a suit against West for malicious prosecution (after he was exonerated of all charges), and which was resulted in a confidential settlement paid by West’s insurance company. A suit against the police or prosecutors would be much more difficult and defensible by various judicial immunities. Gonzalez was awarded legal fees of $55,000 for successfully defending against West’s meritless restraining order, however, West filed for bankruptcy protection to avoid the debt.

  6. sykotoy says

    wow, reminds me of my crazy, violent (sometime affectionate..hmm hardly) abusive, demanding,judgmental, NPD, Borderline Ex GF. My god that nearly killed me, but also nearly drove me insane.

    • chris117 says

      I agree that picture makes me sick. I can see the smile through that grimace. She’s probably thinking “oh yes they are falling for it, I did it.” Sick twisted bitch.

  7. DimensionX says

    I wish everyone would stop saying this woman is mentally ill. She is NOT mentally ill – she is EVIL. Mentally ill people are ill. Evil people are evil. To allow evil people to hide behind the label of “mental illness” just perpetuates all the negative connotations associated with being mentally ill. It also tends to excuse the behavior of evil people by attempting to diminish their responsibility for their actions.

  8. aninnocentdad says

    I am currently living through this nightmare. It is uncanny how similar our stories are. My then wife now ex wife accused me or sexually assaulting her. My life has been turned upside down since. I am automatically guilty until proven innocent. She is portraying the victim whereas the real victims are my 6 year old child and I. My battle is going to be difficult. She is a former prosecutor and also friends with the DA out here. The only reason I can fathom as to why she did this was because she wanted to take our child back to the state we had moved here from. We had uprooted him once during the school year to move here and he had become a legal resident of the current state in which I reside. I would not let her take him (although we agreed on me bringing him back to her for Christmas and summer break). This wasn’t good enough for her and she accused me of raping her. I have spent 2 months in a detention center and was just indicted last week. I am currently on a GPS monitoring system (house arrest) and am having difficulty finding work. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. When I say my life is a living hell…..that is a SEVERE UNDERSTATEMENT! I pray to God everyday that justice is served, I’m proven innocent, and I can finally see my little guy again.

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